Beggar | Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959, Recent Judgement 2018- An Analysis

A beggar is a poor person who is begging for money to meet his basic needs for the survival. They are beggars because they have no option to meet their basic needs for survival, no jobs & are without homes. Bombay prevention of begging act Delhi High court recently gave the historic judgement related to … Read more

Important Current Affairs For August 2018

current affairs for august 2018  Part – I Here is a list of important current affairs of the first fortnight of August. It will help immensely in Objective Exams.   Rajasthan government has decided to observe September as the “month of nutrition”.   Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha’ (Road Safety – Protection to Life). –  the  … Read more


Ancient Indian History Quiz for Prelims

Ancient Indian History Quiz FOR Prelims Here is second Part of Ancient Indian History Quiz for Prelims madefrom NCERT & Tamil Nadu HIstory Book Class 11. Answers & Explanation are at the bottom of the page.   Q. 1. The sanskrit play that revolves around the story of Dhruvadevi and Chandragupta II of the gupta period was … Read more

Old NCERT  Ancient History Quiz for Prelims & state services

Ancient History

Ancient history OLD ncert quiz These Questions made from Old NCERT  Ancient History will help in UPSC Prelims, UP-PSC Prelims & other State services exam. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Attempt this Ancient History Quiz in a time bound manner. Second part of the quiz can be accessed by clicking this link … Read more

Parker Solar Probe – NASA’s dream to touch the Sun – Why it won’t melt

Parker Solar Probe Parker Solar Probe – NASA’s ambitious Solar Probe mission to touch the outer corona of the Sun took off on August 12, 2018 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It will be helpful in solving many mysteries about the Sun. The satellite is expected to go as much near to the Sun which is … Read more


NATIONAL BIOFUEL POLICY With the aim of reducing oil Import dependence Union cabinet approved a National policy on Biofuels in May 2018. The Union Cabinet was chaired by the Prime Minister. This policy on Biofuels will help farmers in disposing off their surplus stock and gain some extra income. Government ambitious program on Biofuels which … Read more

Significance of Article 35A in terms of Kashmir & what is Article 370

Significance of Article 35A in terms of Kashmir Permanent residents, conferring special rights & privileges in state government jobs, acquisitions of property in the State, etc are some of the powers Article 35A  gives to the State government/legislature of Jammu & Kashmir. Added to the Constitution through a Presidential Order, in 1954 it is inserted … Read more

Bill seeking death for rapist- views & counter views 2018

Bill seeking death for rapist passed in the parliament on Monday this august 2018. From now onwards a rapist will be hanged to death if he found guilty of raping girls below 12 years. The bill called Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2018 replaced the ordinance previously promulgated by the central government in April, after the … Read more

Current Affairs- China and ASEAN agreement in South China Sea & India gets elusive STA-1 status from US

China  and ASEAN  in South China Sea Southeast Asian nations and China have started showing some signs which could ease tension in the South China Sea region which in past was so much in turbulent waters. Peace in this region is  required, since last many years  and finally  some  steps  have been taken but still there … Read more