Article 370 is Scrapped | Jammu & Kashmir is now Union Territory

Article 370 Scrapped 

Article 370 scrapped

The centre has scrapped Article 370.
It granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Home Minister Amit Shah in the Parliament has said the presidential order has been issued and the Article 370 is removed.

Jammu & Kashmir to be bifurcated to Union Territories of Ladakh & J&K. Article 370 scrapped by presidential order with immediate effect.

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New Changes after Article 370 is removed

  • Special Status to Jammu & Kashmir is removed.
  • Double citizenship is removed now only one citizen i.e., Indian.
  • No separate flag for J&K.
  • Right to Information (RTI) & CAG Law will now prevail.
  • Person from other state can now purchase land in J&K.
  • Minority will get reservation now in J&K.

Article 356 can now be applied to J&K means now Presidential rule can be applied.
Article 356, commonly known as President’s rule deals with “Failure of constitutional machinery in the State”. It empowers the Central government to deal with such a situation. It is also sometimes called State Emergency or Constitutional Emergency even though the constitution doesn’t call it by any of that name.



According to, Article 1 of the Indian Constitution, the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is a constituent state of Indian Union and its territory forms a part of the territory of India.

Where Article 370 in Part XXI of the Constitution grants a  special status to it. So not all the provisions of the Constitution of India apply to it & being the only state in the Indian Union which has its own separate constitution. But in the same Part (XXI) of the Constitution, twelve other states too enjoy special status but not as majorly as Jammu & Kashmir do.


  • It gives some autonomy to the state of Jammu & Kashmir to decide its internal matter.
  • The state government has the control on how it needs to govern the state.
  • Foreign Affairs, Finance and Communications & Defense are the area where Indian government’s law is applied for all other matters state makes the law.
  • Emergency in the State of J&K can be imposed only on the grounds of internal disturbances and imminent danger from a foreign country.
  • Financial emergency can’t be invoked in the State of J&K.
  • Indian Citizens belonging to other states cannot buy land in Jammu & Kashmir.


Order has been issued in The Gazette of India

Article 370 scrapped order


–> Jammu And Kashmir To Be Bifurcated
–> Ladakh to get status of Union Territory without Legislature. Existing state of Jammu and Kashmir a separate Union Territory.

Article 370 Ladakh now union territory

Reaction on Twitter has been pouring on after the order to scrap Article 370 has been issued. 




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