Cyclone Fani- Why it was Unusual & how it formed | Bomb Cyclone

Cyclone Fani  A very powerful cyclonic storm named Fani had hit the Odisha state recently in the month of May. Cyclone of this intensity is rare and unusual in bay of bengal in this season of April- May. Cyclone Fani is categorized as an “extremely severe cyclone”. This super cyclone Fani caused widespread damage in … Read more

The coelacanth ancient but is an airhead- An insight into living fossil

World’s oldest fish The coelacanth, a fish of very little brain. ATYPEEK/GETTY IMAGES The coelacanth, also known as a “living fossil”. Termed as living fossil because it lived alongside the dinosaurs, which is giving experts a new understanding of skull and brain development among vertebrates. The coelacanth was thought to have vanished with the dinosaurs … Read more

Environment Current Affairs News 2018 for UPSC exams & PSC Prelims

Current Affairs Environment for  Prelims   Fashion industry harming environment ? Fashion Industry making the planet more warmer. It is one of the major sources of greenhouse gasses. When clothes are discarded they piled up and ends in landfills. From landfills the microfiber then enters the ocean. Area of Concern People buy more clothes these days. … Read more

Hurricane Florence the “Monster” to lash out Carolina Imminent Damage Advancing fast

Hurricane are storms revolving at great speed and very large. They produce speed wind mph of 75 or greater. Hurricane Form over warm waters of ocean. Hurricane brings heavy rain. Hurricane has different name in different region of earth like Typhoon, Cyclone, etc. Hurricane Hurricane Florence with a wind mph of 130 – 140 is approaching … Read more

Parker Solar Probe – NASA’s dream to touch the Sun – Why it won’t melt

Parker Solar Probe Parker Solar Probe – NASA’s ambitious Solar Probe mission to touch the outer corona of the Sun took off on August 12, 2018 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It will be helpful in solving many mysteries about the Sun. The satellite is expected to go as much near to the Sun which is … Read more


NATIONAL BIOFUEL POLICY With the aim of reducing oil Import dependence Union cabinet approved a National policy on Biofuels in May 2018. The Union Cabinet was chaired by the Prime Minister. This policy on Biofuels will help farmers in disposing off their surplus stock and gain some extra income. Government ambitious program on Biofuels which … Read more

Plastic Pollution Effects and Solutions : Current Affairs 2018

Plastic – Simple to use but complex / difficult to dispose. And due to this, Plastic pollution is getting uncontrollable day by day. We never thought about it or gave much of a importance until its growing menace started showing in our day to day life in the form of plastic in ocean, in river, … Read more

Current Affairs: Hydrogen CNG What is Blockchain? Vodafone Idea Merger 2018

Hydrogen CNG

Hydrogen-CNG (H-cng)   Pollution is a mega problem around the world. Air pollution is one of them. The major contributors in Air pollution is transport system of a country which is adding Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides etc. Cities like Delhi is already using Compressed natural gas (CNG) based transportation system in a … Read more

Meghalayan Age, Japan declared Heat Wave Natural Disaster, National Moth Week News July 2018

natural disasters Any Natural Adverse effects of Nature like that of flood, volcanic eruptions, earthquake, hurricane/tornado which causes great damage to mankind or there a large number of people suffering is termed as Natural Disaster. India has put 7 adverse Natural processes on its official list of natural disaster, they are: Earthquakes Floods Landslides Cyclones … Read more

Lesser Florican Bird- Threat Misery & Way Ahead

Before starting the topic  let us know about some terms which will be used in the article so that a thorough grasp of the subject be achieved and it will also help you in prelims or other objective exams. So let’s start: Bustard: They are large, terrestrial birds living mainly in dry grassland areas and … Read more