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List of Folk Dances of India | UPSC PSC SSC specific important folk dances of India with pics

Folk dances of India

Indian Folk dances are simple dance of a region which are performed to express joy & happiness among their community. It is occasion specific, like arrival of monsoon, birth of child, local festivals, wedding & other festivals.Some dance are performed by men or some are women specific dances.

Here are a list of important Folk dances which will help you in UPSC civil services exam, State services exam, SSC & other government Exams.

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List of Folk Dances of India


  • Chhau
  • Paaika
  • Domkach
  • Lahasua
  • Fagua
  • Karma Naach – performed during Karam festival


Folk dances of India

pic credit: wikipedia   Bihu Dance

  • Bihu
  • Bagurumba (performed by Bodo Tribe) 
  • Jhumair

Arunachal Pradesh

  •  Bardo Chham is a folk dance of SherdukpensThis dance depicts the victory of     good over evil.
  • Ponung dance
  • Yudhh Nritya
  • Mukhota


  • Jat-Jatin – popular folk dance of North Bihar
  • Bideshiya – deals with social issues & conflict between the traditional and modern, the rich and the poor
  • Jhijhian – sung when there is no rain for a long time
  • Domkach


  • Raut Nacha – dance is a close resemblance of Krishna’s Raas leela
  • Gaadi

Madhya Pradesh

  • Grida Dance
  • Maanch – lyrical folk dance
  • Phulpati dance – exclusively for semi rural unmarried girl


  • Odishi
  • Goti pua
  • Baagh Naach or Tiger Dance
  • Dalkhai
  • Dhap
  • Ghumra
  • Karma Naach
  • Keisabadi
  • Jhumair


Laavni Dance


  • Fugdi dance – performed by hindu women during Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Deccani 
  • Mandi


  • Dandiya Raas
  • Garba
  • Tippani dance
  • Bhavai


Gadhwali Dance

Himachal Pradesh

  • Nati – Listed in Guiness Book of World records as largest folk dance
  • Charba dance – performed during celebration of dussehra festival.
  • Chapeli (V. imp) – performed by a male and female accompanied with dance and song. It involves a lot of instruments.
  • Danda Naav

Jammu and Kashmir

  • Dumhal – performed by men of the Wattal tribe
  • Rauf – a folk dance form which is mainly practiced by the women folk of the Kashmir valley


  • Jhumar
  • Phag
  • Daph
  • Dhamal
  • Loor
  • Gugga
  • Khor
  • Gagor.


  • Bhangra
  • Giddha – is a female folk dance from Punjab.

Folk dances of India

pic credit:  Kikkli Dance

  • Kikkli – performed by two girls holding hands and twirling each other in circle and balancing their positions in circular motions.


  • Ghoomar
  • Kalbelia
  • Suisini (Important)
  • kathputli dance


Singhi Cham

pic credit: flickr

Singhi Chham is a masked dance of Sikkim,depicting Snow Lion– cultural symbol of the state

Tamil Nadu

  • Parai Attam or Thappattam
  • Kummi 
  • Kolattam
  • kavadi


Chang Lo or Chong  dance


Cheraw dance – done by four people with holding pair of bamboo


Baagla Dance

Uttar Pradesh

  • Kajri
  • Raasleela
  • Jhauraa or Jhora

folk dances of india

pic credit: wikipedia  Nautanki 

  • Nautanki 
  • Charkula (in Brij Bhoomi )



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