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What is lynching ? Supreme Court on Mob Lynching to Parliament.


It means that when a group of people kill someone deliberately for an alleged offence without a legal trial. The word lynching  has its tracing back in mid- 18th century in America where many black slaves were lynched & some whites too  for opposing slavery of black people.

It isn’t just confined to India or America but many instances has been reported in some other parts of world too.
It was happening before too but in recent times that we hear about it frequently.

India’s Apex court has recommended the central government to make laws to curb this unethical mob violence after a recent rise in the number of cases. It added that the “horrendous acts of mobocracy cannot be permitted to inundate the law of the land” and urged the government to enforce measures to protect citizens from a “recurrent pattern of violence which cannot be allowed to become the new normal.”

CJI Deepak Mishra who heads the bench related to this said that “to make a law relating to this as a special & separate offense & provide adequate punishment.” It will instill a sense of fear among those involved. It also went on to suggest many other measures which included the creation of police post and task force among others.

Some fake social media messages related to suspected criminals has led to murder of many by  the mob. These messages give a sudden rise of uncontrolled emotion with an uncontrolled mind that people’s logical mind takes a backseat and they don’t think before acting.

Cow vigilantism, child lifters & kidnappers are the more frequent instigator of these incidents.

But only making law will not solve the problem but focus on impartial investigations and robust prosecutions and additionally constant judicial monitoring of these terrible crimes needed. Success of proceeding will see a fall in these type of incidents.

News Source: India today, CNN,  Firstpost sites

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